About me

My first circus performance. 1997.

My circus training startet in 1997 at Kulta in Tromsø. When me and my family moved to Svalbard in 2000, my sister and I refused to move if we could not train circus there. As a result my mother starter a circus group for us and our peers – Sirkus Svalnardo.

The first years of Sirkus Svalnardo was characterized with playfulness and skits, but after a few years teachers from Kulta in Tromsø, came to Longyearbyen and introduced us to aerial silks and contemporary circus.

Performing in Barentsburg, 2006

I was never a natural at circus and aerial arts. I struggled a lot. Jumping on the ground, going nowhere, especially not in the air. My sister on the other hand, two years older, was able to climb and do tricks right away. But what I was lacking in natural talent, I made up for in stubbornness, and I didn’t give up. My big dream was to apply for a circus school in Europe.

In 2007 I started high school in Tromsø, at Tromsdalen Videregående Skole. For the first time ever they where offering circus subjects and training at the high school, and I was now training approximately 10 hours in my school time. On top of this I was training after school as well. Circus two times a week, dance and acrobatics, and I was teaching the other kids. It resulted in that I got overtrained and exhausted in my third and final year of high school.

Performing in the show «Rom» at Kulta in 2008.
Collaboration with youth in Gaza.

It was during this period I decided to not do circus after school after all. Within a week I through away my dream of becoming a professional circus artist. I decided to study film and television instead.

And I did. For four years I studied, and two years after that I worked in the tv industry in Oslo. But I couldn’t forget my childhood dream of doing circus full time. I was still doing some circus, teaching mostly and training some. In the end of 2016, I was 25 years old and I quit my job and left Oslo to go to London and train circus at Aircraft Circus School.

I spend 5 months in London participating at Aircraft’s Intermediate Intensive course. I trained circus everyday, from 10-5, and loved it.

My solo «Without the lights» at Aircraft Circus, 2017

When I moved back to Oslo in the summer 2017, I started working with circus full time. I was teaching (a lot) and performing some. I got a phone call from the casting people of Norway’s Got Talent, and after som doubts I decided to do it. I was an amazing journey, where I reach the semi finals.  

Performance at wedding, summer 2018.
Photo: Ainars Mazjanis

I was very eager to learn more circus, get better and push my own limits. Fall 2018, I moved to Copenhagen to be a student at Afuk and train aerial rope.